Caring for People Who Have Dementia

2nd June 2017
Norfolk has an ageing population. Some of the people who use our services have conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. These types of conditions affect the brain and may present as memory loss, confusion, difficulty finding the right words (sometimes called dysphasia), mood swings and problems performing basic tasks. These are some of the ways in which our carers can help people with dementia.

An elderly lady being cared for by a woman


Engaging in friendly conversation can be a great comfort to a person who has dementia. One of the most rewarding things about being a care worker is seeing the difference you can make to someone’s day. One service we can provide is assisting people when they have an appointment. You may even escort them to the appointment so they have someone familiar in what may seem an unfamiliar environment.

Home Help

Our team of care workers can provide assistance for those people for whom performing basic tasks has become difficult or stressful. A person with dementia might need help with light household duties, preparing meals or shopping.

Personal Care

Washing, dressing and remembering to take our medicines are all things that we shouldn’t take for granted. Many people with dementia start to find these tasks difficult. 


If a person with dementia has spent a long time in hospital, following a fall for instance, they can lose the confidence to perform a task that they have become accustomed to having done for them. Our care workers can help them to regain that confidence by providing a helping hand with daily activities.

Training in Dementia Awareness

As part of your paid six-day training course, all new members of staff at NR Care are trained in dementia awareness. We would never dream of sending an untrained person into someone’s home. We make certain our staff have the necessary skills to provide the care that is needed for people with dementia to continue to live at home. 
If you would like to explore the opportunities offered to you by a career in care work, please get in touch. Email your CV to – we will respond within two days.

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